SUM 2013 Faculty Forum
  • Following the great success of Stanford-USTC-MIT (SUM) Student Summer Camp in 2012, SUM 2013 this year is a Faculty Forum at USTC in Hefei, China with faculty participants from three universities representing three research areas: Physics, Chemistry and Materials Science, and Earth and Space Sciences. Eighteen faculty members from Stanford and MIT along with thirty faculty members at USTC are going to participate in SUM 2013 and give presentations. Besides students at USTC, over sixty selected students from other top Chinese universities and twenty elite students and faculty members from Chinese prestige high schools shall also participate in the events.

    The theme of SUM 2013 Faculty Forum is University and Innovation. On September 16, 2013, alumni and faculty members from the three universities are going to share their entrepreneur experiences, and their views and visions on the future roles of universities in education and innovation. Stanford and MIT faculty members are also going to talk to students in an open dialogue meeting. USTC students are well-known in the country for frankly speaking out of their mind. This dialogue is going to attract a lot of attention from students and media in China. On September 17 and 18, three concurrent technical workshops in the field of Physics, Chemistry and Materials Science, and Earth and Space Sciences shall be held at USTC. Faculty members and students shall present their research results, and discuss on future collaboration opportunities.